What is really like to be an online sales rep?

I want to share it with you behind the scenes…

1/ Back Story:

Last month, I narrowed down to managing teams and consulting on sales processes.

Two in particular are ones where I’m deep into their business.

I’ve taken a couple of calls here and there for these 2 clients in previous weeks.

2/ The Goal:

Build and lead the sales team by actively taking calls for 2 of my clients

Not managing and pushing buttons

But by driving the result and helping as many people along the way

3/ Why?

One - because I enjoy speaking with people

Two - we’re scaling these clients to more than just their coaching programs

4/ The Offers:

1. Real Estate (STR) Coaching - Offer A

2. Venture Capital/Private Equity Coaching - Offer B

5/ The Conditions:

I’ll be spreading my calendar on both accounts

One of the accounts will have more of my time as I set some of my own sales calls

The other will be taking sales calls mainly

Ticket price is $5k to $10k

Essentially I will be part time closing on 2 offers.

6/ What will I share:

As much as you find valuable




Ups and downs

7/ Since it’s the start of the month, it’s a good time to kick this content off

Yesterday’s day was good

Offer A - 5 sales calls booked in for me

2 showed and signed both on full pay at $5k - 1 set by me and the other by our setter

2 of them in contact to reschedule and the other was a straight no-show

No calls from Offer B

Today was a great day!

Offer A - 4 calls booked (2 showed and 1 signed on a payment plan $1500 x 4)

Offer B - 1 call booked (1 showed and signed for $10k PIF)

Let me know if this is useful content!

Go crush it this month 🚀