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How I grew an Instagram page to over 100k followers

As I look to grow an account on Twitter, I look back on strategies from a few years back...

There are a ton of ways to grow your audience on any social media platform.

About 4 years ago, I had an IG account with over 110k followers

The screen shots below is the last record of it

It took me over 12 mths to build

It gave so many opportunities

Then it was shut down

They said one of the posts I re-shared violated copyright from the owner.

Couldn’t recover the account.

Fast forward to right now, I’m on a mission to grow my new Twitter account

(Follow me here if you’re on Elon’s platform —> https://twitter.com/impatrickgalang)

As I’ve been researching ways to grow on Twitter, I kept finding the same fundamental strategy that I used to grow on Instagram.

So here’s how I grew the IG account, the first few steps are the basics:

Step 1: Picked a niche (sounds standard but so important). You want to be known for something.

Step 2: Optimized my bio to that niche so that people have a reason to follow

Step 3: From 0-1000 is the most difficult. At this level, content is not the most important part - no one has visibility to you yet. So the main actions here is to engage with people who have similar accounts.

I made a list of 50 accounts in the niche and I would make a relevant comment on posts I resonated with. I did that for 25 out of the 50. In the meantime, I was posting once a day, keeping in mind the content at this point was a lot of testing.

Step 4: From 1001-5000 is a lot of testing with content. Now that there was traction, I’d see what posts performed the best and would repurpose them often.

At this stage there are more and more people coming across the account. I still continue with engaging but wind it back a little bit. I also create a unique hash tag for the brand for people to use if they want their posts shared.

Step 5: From 5001-20000 is doubling down on what works. I pay close attention to the times to post. At this stage, I look to get shoutouts from other bigger accounts (either get reposted on their stories or their main page).

I paid a few times to have this done ($35-$50) and brought in a consistent flow of followers. The accounts I would look for had to have at least 250k + followers.

Step 6: From here the next thing was to do collaborations. When you start to have a following, you get noticed by more people and in turn, they are more open to doing something together.

For both parties, this is where you’re in a position to leverage each others accounts and audience.

And by doing all the above, the account grew exponentially after about 25000 followers - anywhere from 1000-1500 per week of new followers.

So then what about Twitter growth. Well, here’s the breakdown of the actions I’ll be taking (and it’s not that different to the above from what I’ve learnt):

  1. I’ve got my niche and bio is complete

  2. Made a list of 50 accounts to engage in. Like and comment on their tweets.

  3. Tweet 2x per day with 1 thread per week (starting this week)

  4. Slide into the DM’s of people I want to connect with

  5. Increase content cadence to what the audience likes to read.

That’s the initial strategy to get to the 1000 mark. I find that there are some very high level individuals who are most active on Twitter so it makes sense to follow them so I can level up.

Hope that was helpful!