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  • If I had to start from business from scratch as a sales rep...

If I had to start from business from scratch as a sales rep...

Here’s what I’d do to get clients and be profitable asap…

If I had to start from business from scratch as a sales rep...

Here’s what I’d do to get clients and be profitable asap…

Firstly - I wouldn’t launch a coaching program. Not saying it wouldn’t work, but in my personal experience and seeing other successful coaches, it wasn’t the thing that got them profitable.

Remember - I’m talking about how to get cash flow and profitability asap. You can launch a coaching program first, but I believe it will be slower to get cashed up from it.

If you want to launch a coaching offer, that should come after a few steps.

So, with that out of the way, let’s get to the plan.

Step 1 - Test and build your skills by doing something for someone.

So if you’re in sales, make sure you absolutely crush it in your role and learn everything you can about that subject. If you’re good, you already have proof of concept.

This part is easy and if you’re performing then that gets cash in the door. If anything, it helps you launch something from a place of abundance rather than desperation.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with working for someone, while you build something for your own.

Step 2 - See what skills you have and workout a DFY service for someone

Almost all businesses need these three things to operate:

- Marketing

- Sales 

- Delivery

And in each of those lies opportunities to create services ‘done-for-you’


Marketing that extends to

  • Social Media

  • Paid Ads

  • Website

  • Copy

  • Community

  • Lead Magnets

  • CRM’s

  • Funnels

  • Brand

  • Content

  • Emails

When it comes to Sales

  • Sales process

  • Scripting

  • Follow ups

  • Sales procedures

  • Sales people

  • Sales management

With Delivery

  • Product

  • Service

  • Customer experience

  • Customer retention

The list goes on and on...

If you’re not 100% on what to do, pick something from that list and offer to do it on a performance basis. They get paid, you get paid. Try not to do shit for free.

Depending on what your DFY offer looks like, the best way to get clients is to cold/warm outreach your most ideal clients! If they’re already in your network, even better.

This should create a bit more cash flow, although now you have to make sure you manage your time well.

Step 3 - Once you’ve done some DFY, offer consulting services.

Take the DFY things you’ve implemented and show case that to other businesses it could benefit. But rather than doing it for them, you strategies and you give them the keys to the car. Only this time, they have to get in it and drive.

If they want you to drive, then you charge fees + performance

At this point, time becomes a factor and something needs to give. Be sure to structure your DFY engagements with longevity and recurring income in mind. That will make decisions to move or reduce time with others easier.

Step 4 - Leverage your results

With what you’ve achieved, how can you package your knowledge. Now we’re talking in the realms of more consulting and coaching.

But from here, you can soft launch and test your coaching/consulting offers without any stress because you got cash coming in.

If you want to see how this played out for me, here it is:

In 2019, I was full time closing on a handful of offers, making good comms. Mid 2020, started to get rocky and had no way to progress. If I don’t sell, I have no income.

At that time, I tried to partner with someone to launch a coaching business for accountants. It sucked! Couldn’t clients, and the ones we got were terrible to get results for.

So, I figured I would create a DFY service in creating short form content (before the Hormozi take over).

Why? Because someone I connected with said they would pay 3x more for someone to do videos for them rather than listening to their coach teach them how to do it. 

At the time, I was connected to a few videographers and so I made her an offer to do her videos for 6 months for $3.5k. She said yes!

And from there, we had a subscription based offer for $295/mth to cut reels. Our biggest client was Virginia Kerr (250k + followers)

The website is gone now, but the IG is still up - https://www.instagram.com/socialcontentlab/

I ended up selling the business and clients to my videographer, because I lost the passion for it. We did well in a 12 month period.

And so I thought about the next thing to do and I just knew selling was my thing, which to be fair was what I was doing with the video business anyway.

But going back into the coaching space, I wanted to do something different.

And that’s when I picked up my very first client in a consulting and managerial role - building their sales system, recruitment, training and management. 

It was a full DFY service that leveraged all the things I had done in sales.

This was my first client for that offer:

And if you want to watch a 9 minute video of me talking about this, check out the latest video below:

Hope that’s helpful if you’re a sales rep thinking about doing your own thing!

Let me know what you think?!